Let the Numbers Speak!


Simeoni Significant Facts

The audit season is just around the corner and we would like to share the following statistics with you, results of Simeoni 2011 real estate audit season.

Out of curiosity Simeoni generated a report on how many clients had breaches last year

Statistics are as follows:

- 34% of our clients had 1 or more breaches
- 13% of our clients were qualified
- 51% of our clients had no breaches

One very interesting aspect is that many clients who had breaches last year no longer had breaches this year! We are proud to consider this fact as a win for Simeoni!

Here at Simeoni, we strive to provide a no-fuss and straightforward audit service customised to the needs of real estate agents. We aim to assist our clients and guide them in order for them to comply with the legal requirements.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our satisfaction!

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