Paul Invited as a Guest Speaker for Carrick Graduation Ceremony


Paul Simeoni was recently invited as a guest speaker for Carrick graduating students; the event was held at UTS University in Sydney and more than 200 guests attended.


Paul was introduced by the Head of Studies and delivered an inspirational talk. Several topics were discussed including:

- Guidelines to succeed in life and career
- How to grow personally and professionally
- Providing real life experience and explaining how Simeoni has grown from a one man business to the largest real estate audit company in NSW.


Testimonial from Dr. Anila Sadananda Student Service Manager Carrick Education Group:

“On 15 July 2011 over 200 Carrick students graduated in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management as well as Accounting streams. Paul Simeoni was the invited guest speaker of the day. Students and teachers alike looked forward to hearing some words of wisdom from him.

 Marrying his love of life and opening his business in the area he is passionate about on the same day Paul, a Fellow of CPA Australia presented himself not only as a successful businessman in the area of accounting but as a practical human being who has learnt to reach a great work life balance. An accomplished accountant and a qualified Barista, Paul impressed the audience with his simple and practical tips on success in life. He was undoubtedly the best choice as the graduation speaker for the young students waiting to enter a new chapter in their life”.  

Testimonial from: Clelia Paraluppi Jobs and Careers Officer Carrick Education Group:

“Carrick Education Group has recently had the pleasure to host Paul John Simeoni as Graduation Guest Speaker for our Graduation Ceremony. His presence has been highly valued by both students and academic staff for the inspiring speech he delivered to the audience.
As Carrick Jobs and Careers Officer, I have had the pleasure to work closely with Paul and his team in selecting six of our students undertaking a Bachelor of Accounting to participate in a work experience program at Simeoni Financial Services.

The experience is meant to let the students gain a practical and unique insight into the various facets that the role of an Accountant has, in particular some of the students have been paired up with senior Accountants busy with the Real Estate Trust Account Auditing time and have been conducting on site visits with them.
Paul’s generous intention through this experience is to offer qualified, professional training to soon-to-be accountants and enhance their employability skills in the future.
As part of Carrick Education and on behalf of the students taking part in the work experience and the new graduates I wish to thank all staff at Simeoni for their great ongoing support.”

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