Paul Speaks at Carrick's Graduation Ceremony!


Check highlights of his speech on this video!

Paul Simeoni was recently invited as a guest speaker for Carrick graduating students; the event was held at UTS University in Sydney and more than 200 guests attended.

Paul was introduced by the Head of Studies and delivered an inspirational talk. Several topics were discussed including:

- Guidelines to succeed in life and career
- How to grow personally and professionally
- Providing real life experience and explaining how Simeoni has grown from a one man business to the largest real estate audit company in NSW

The most appealing motivational points he shared are as follows: 
“I would like to share a couple of key things I have learnt from my experience. You have now graduated and are like a plain canvas, you have now the tools: a formal qualification, your grades, but these will only take you so far; now it is up to you what you are going to do with your achievements and what you want to become.
What I recommend to every single one of you is:
Write down on a piece of paper your goals; your goals for the next 4 – 5 – 10 years and put them up, have them always in front of you because, once you see them and see what goals you have to achieve, they stick in your mind and everything about you starts moving towards them.
What you have achieved so far, I like to see them as tools: a hammer, a screwdriver; for me they were: tax, accounting, financial planning, they are just tools but what you do with them, that’s what makes all the difference!
Once you have the tools or the skills, what you do with them is up to you. Having the highest marks - it doesn’t matter, in the real world the highest marks will not get you through the door. It will be totally up to you on what you achieve from now on.
Another important point I would like to share is: 
Focus on others, don’t focus on yourself, because when you focus on other people they are more interested in you. Don’t worry about money don’t worry about anything else, just focus on what they want because once you understand what they want, then you know how to satisfy them and once you satisfy them, they like you! I’ll leave you on that, congratulations again, you should be very proud on what you have achieved.”

Enjoy the view! 

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