Simeoni News Update – JobKeeper applications to be lodged by 26th April 2020 - Simeoni

Simeoni News Update – JobKeeper applications to be lodged by 26th April 2020

The JobKeeper Payment Scheme due dates are fast approaching. To ensure our clients are prepared for the deadlines, we have prepared the following:

  • Detailed notes on JobKeeper Payment Scheme
  • Simeoni JobKeeper Q&A’s (questions & answers received from clients)
  • Employer JobKeeper Eligibility Checklist
  • Employee Eligibility spreadsheet workpaper.
  • Draft letter for Employee of JobKeeper nomination.

These documents above are to be used in conjunction with the Federal Governments forms and declaration. Ensure that you have sufficient proof to qualify.
Some key points to be aware of:

  • Election date to participate starts 20th April 2020 and if you want to claim wages paid from 30th March 2020 the registration deadline closes 26th April 2020. After this date, you will only be able to claim May 2020 wages.
  • Employees must be paid gross $1,500 per fortnight – any less than this and the JobKeeper payments will NOT be eligible.
  • JobKeeper Payment Scheme is a “one in, all in” program. That is an Employer must offer JobKeeper payments to all eligible employees and not a select few.
  • The Turnover Test is a once only test. Once this test has been met, there is no requirement to re-test in later months.
  • Employers can make catch up payments on wages from 30th March 2020 for employees to qualify for JobKeeper Payment Scheme by 28th April 2020 (therefore minimum $3,000 gross wages must be paid by 28th April 2020).
  • Once an Employer qualifies for the JobKeeper Payment Scheme, they will need to report to the ATO Commissioner ( MONTHLY) their current GST turnover for the reporting month AND projected GST turnover for the following month.

Paul Simeoni & Team