The Building Industry Sector Deserves Specialised Assistance!


Simeoni celebrates its tailored accounting & advisory packages specifically designed for the building industry sector!

We, at Simeoni have been in the financial services business for over 20 years and, always strive to develop our services to suit our client’s needs.

During the years, we have found that, the most common feedback from various clients was that they desperately wanted to establish a relationship with a business firm that understands them, understands their industry and the “head-aches” that only they know.

Our culture considers that the most precious tool to succeed comes from our client’s feedback; we always value our clients’ comments!

We firmly believe that each industry is different and also each client is different and experience different issues and frustrations, therefore Simeoni has developed an innovative customised approach to best serve our client’s needs.

Today, at Simeoni we are celebrating the success of our exclusive packages, specifically developed for the Building industry sector.

From small trades companies to large building organisations our packages are specifically tailored to fulfil the specific needs of the Building Industry.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our satisfaction!

Contact us now to see how our accounting experts can help.


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