Simeoni is the largest specialist real estate trust account and strata auditor in NSW.

As a qualified auditing firm Simeoni have the experience and specialist skills to provide efficient, cost-effective audits that help you comply with all recognised auditing regulations.

We aim to stretch beyond compliance as we endeavour to add value to your organisation by alerting you to any potential issues or ways to improve systems.

We endeavour to stand out from other firms through our non-traditional approach to audits. Understanding that audit may be viewed as a disruptive involvement by an independent entity, we attempt to work collaboratively with clients to ensure there is minimal interruption to their business, while still consciously maintaining independence.

In addition to auditing services, we also perform audits and due diligence for the following:

  • Reporting Private Companies
  • Non Reporting Private Companies
  • Public Companies
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Government Grants
  • TCF / IATA Travel Agents
  • Franchises
  • Solicitors Trust Accounts
  • Workers Compensation
  • ATO
  • Self Managed Super Funds

We assist our clients to achieve their goals by guaranteeing maximum efficiency and accuracy ensuring control procedures are in place and followed correctly, having reliable information and conducting compulsory reporting on time. Our dedicated team can assist you with all your auditing needs.

Why Meet Auditing Objectives?

To allow business entities build a solid background to move forward and grow. It also works as a safe guard for the third party reliance, e.g. Banks, Investors, Employees, Credit Rating Agencies, Government and Suppliers.

Have a problem with meeting your auditing objesctives? Contact us today to see how we can help

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